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Department of Radiology
Stanford University School of Medicine
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-5105

Office of the Chairman

Sections of Radiology

Abdominal Imaging Juergen Willmann, MD, Associate Professor & Section Chief
Jocelyn Steffen, Section Administrator
Body MRI Shreyas Vasanawala, MD, PhD, Associate Professor & Section Chief
Jocelyn Shaw, Section Administrator
Breast Imaging Debra Ikeda, MD, Professor & Section Chief
Valerie Teed, Section Administrator
Cardiovascular Imaging Dominik Fleischmann, MD, Professor & Section Chief
Malwana Adalat, Section Administrator
Interventional Radiology Lawrence "Rusty" Hofmann, MD, Professor & Section Chief
Babette de L'isle, Section Administrator
Carmita Broussard, Section Administrator
IBIIS (Integrative Biomedical Imaging Informatics at Stanford)

Sandy Napel, PhD, Professor & Co-Director

Sylvia Plevritis, PhD, Professor & Co-Director
Danae Barnes, Program Manager
MIPS/Canary Center Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD, Professor & Director
Karen Aguilar, MIPS Administrator
Bonita Crabbe, Canary Center Administrator
Musculoskeletal Christopher Beaulieu, MD, PhD, Professor & Section Chief
TJ Mims, Section Administrator
Neuroradiology Max Wintermark, MD, Professor & Acting Section Chief
Kari Galatolo, Section Administrator
Patti Smith, Section Administrator
Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Andrei Iagaru, MD, Assistant Professor & Co-Section Chief
Andrew Quon, MD, Assistant Professor & Co-Section Chief
Tracy Burk, Section Administrator
Pediatrics Richard Barth, MD, Professor & Section Chief
Gale Evans, Section Administrator
Radiological Sciences Gary H. Glover, PhD, Professor & Co-Director
Kim Butts Pauly, PhD, Professor & Co-Director
Jessie Leong, RSL Manager
Thoracic Imaging Ann Leung, MD, Professor & Section Chief
Roberta Brissette , Section Administrator
Veterans Affairs - Radiology Payam Massaband, MD, Interim Chief, Radiology Service
Veterans Affairs - Nuclear Medicine George Segall, MD, Professor & Chief, Nuclear Medicine

Residency Coordinators

Alice Gardner, Residency Coordinator
Sofia Gonzales, Nuclear Medicine Residency Coordinator


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