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The Movie Sequence at Lucas

Posted 1:56 PM, February 20, 2008, by jaruiz

Dear Colleagues,

We all know that, besides Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, there was Charles Spencer Chaplin. The former was awarded the Nobel Prize for good reasons; the latter, for whatever obscure reasons, was not. The two and their respective image offspring, the plain X-ray and the animated film, were never competitors, but rather, as history has well documented, lively counterparts on the imaging screen. With the overwhelming presence of the first kind of mostly static images in our lives, and the frightening absence of the second kind of images, the "Movie Sequence" was recently imagined by the signatories listed below while they were at the Zibibo Bar in downtown Palo Alto.

The "Movie Sequence" started on February 6, 2008, at the Lucas Center and featured Twelve Angry Men by Sidney Lumet. This Wednesday, February 20th, at 6 PM, Loves of a Blonde will be shown in the Lucas Learning Center. Loves of a Blonde is written and directed by Milos Forman. For a movie summary/review, please see If you like, please bring something to snack on and/or something to share. Also, the movie is in Czech, so bring you glasses if you need them to read subtitles. If you have questions, please contact Erika Rubesova, MD; Chardonnay Vance, MS; or Ulrich Willi, MD.

The "Movie Sequence" shall, from now on, take place every first and third Wednesday of the month at 6 PM (the film will play at 6:15 PM) in the Learning Center at Lucas as a private event and free of charge. Black and white classics of various cultural backgrounds will be shown, critically selected and emotionally balanced by the signatories who consider themselves as such. Everybody, whether or not she or he might be interested in a balanced imagination, is very welcome.

Stanford, February 19, 2008

Erika Rubesova, Chardonnay Vance, Ulrich Willi

For the "Movie Sequence" online calendar, please visit


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