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Announcements: February 25, 2008

Posted 4:11 PM, February 25, 2008, by jaruiz

Parking Changes at the School of Medicine: Lots 15 and 16 on March 1, 2008.
The following is a memorandum jointly composed by several campus offices, including the School of Medicine Office of Facilities, Planning, and Management (OFPM), the Diversity and Access Office, and the Office of Parking and Transportation, that describes the changes that will take place on March 1st and the individuals and offices that you should contact with your questions or concerns.


With excitement we announce that on March 1, 2008, the School will break ground on the Learning and Knowledge Center (LKC). The relocation of the RAF Ramp will follow the ground breaking for the Learning and Knowledge Center by a matter of weeks. And then, as many of you are aware, we plan to break ground on the new Stanford Institute of Medicine building toward mid-summer. To accomplish these projects, Whiting-Turner Contracting, our general contractor for all three jobs, has informed us that they will need the entire L-15 and L16 parking lot area.

Effective March 1, 2008: Lot 15 will close displacing all remaining parking between Beckman and the Clark Center. With the closure, both L-15 lottery parking and the "D permit" pilot programs will end. The A-Carpool, Service Vehicle, and metered parking will all be moved out of the L-15 lot. The current entrance to the parking lot at the Clark Center will become a construction and delivery only entrance. There will be a flagman at Campus Drive to greet vehicles entering the delivery and construction area. Due to liability, there will be no exceptions--if your vehicle is not a construction vehicle or a commercial delivery vehicle, please do not get in the queue to enter this parking lot.

Individual Parking:
1. The D-Parking Pilot Program will terminate effective March 1st. Refunds and/or payroll deduction amounts will be adjusted according to how you decide to replace your D parking on March 1st. Please contact the Parking & Transportation Services customer service supervisor at 725-0594 to discuss your future parking preference, adjust your payroll deductions, or refund your unused parking fees.

2. The meters will be moved mostly to the ground level of Parking Structure-1, although there will also be a few spots in the Gates Lot.

3. A-Carpool parking spaces will be relocated to Parking Structure-1 and the L-18 Stockfarm surface lot.

4. A-permit holders, who were formally lottery permit holders, will find parking in Parking Structures-1 and -4 in addition to the Stockfarm and Jordan Quad surface lots and along Welch Road.

Until you feel comfortable with your new parking area, allow yourself a bit more time.

Disability Parking:
Disability parking is available in the following areas:

1. Quarry Extension Lot (L-9)--Located on Campus Drive West

2. Parking Structure 1--Campus Drive West and Roth Way

3. MSOB--Near the Medical School Office Building

4. Parking Structure 2--near Via Ortega and Panama

5. Parking Structure 4--Pasteur & Blake Wilbur Drive

6. Street parking along Welch Road near the Lucas Center

7. Gates Lot--on Campus Drive & North Service Road near Gates Computer Science

Additionally, we will monitor parking utilization in the disabled spaces alongside Pasteur Drive, Welch Rd, in the MSOB Lot and Parking Structure-4 garage. Should disabled parking in these areas be consistently utilized, we will explore increasing disabled parking spaces in nearby areas.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding disability parking, please contact the Diversity & Access office at (650) 725-0326 or

Shuttle Information:
There are two Marguerite Shuttle lines that stop on Pasteur Drive, behind Edwards (the "Hospital Fountain" stop): the "B Line" (Clockwise (BCW) and Counter-Clockwise (BCCW)) and the "C" line. Both run every 15 and 30 minutes respectively from PS-5 and the Stockfarm lot [L-18]. For a shuttle schedule, please access

For parkers in the PS-5 garage, there are Marguerite buses that will get you around the medical school, hospital, and elsewhere on campus. In fact, it takes only three minutes for the bus to get from the parking lot to the "Hospital Fountain" stop. Because there are two lines on the same route, you wouldn't have to wait more than eight minutes for a bus, often less than that. Both lines offer wheelchair lifts or and/or lowering in the front to ease boarding.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and added time that the changes to the L-15 and L-16 parking lots are likely to cause you. When the LKC and site work are complete, there will be a new small parking area at the front of the school. This lot will be primarily disabled and metered parking and should hold approximately 40-45 vehicles.

Deliveries: Deliveries will be possible at each of the following places. There will be only a few spots at any particular place so we suggest that you find a time and place wherein you are able to park in proximity to your destination and deliver according to that schedule.

1. The MSOB Lot accessible from Welch Rd will accommodate roughly three delivery trucks at one time.

2. The Lucas turnaround accessible from Welch Rd will accommodate one,
possibly two trucks at one time but is not meant for long-term parking.

3. The Quarry Rd Parking Lot accessible via Roth Way from Campus Drive
has been re-modeled to support three large trucks parked on the diagonal and 10 smaller delivery vehicles. These small delivery vehicle spots are also available for small contractors.

4. The former entrance to the Medical School parking lot will be open
for deliveries. To the right of the entrance alongside the Clark Center is an area that will support three delivery trucks. Towards the center of the parking lot in front of the Whiting-Turner trailer is space for six to eight more delivery vehicles and even closer to the center there is space for about four more delivery vehicles. It is important not to cram these areas or it will be impossible to turn around and leave. Additionally, one parking spot towards the center of campus will be assigned to the Praxair truck as it requires a spot for up to six hours a day. If you are a small contractor, the loading zone areas may be used to drop off materials and tools; however, there is no parking allowed at any time.

If you have further questions about the LKC and/or Connective Elements
projects themselves, please contact Maggie Saunders ( or
Paul Forti ( or go to


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